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Our Brand Story for Gilley's Foods

Gilley’s was once the world’s largest honky tonk. It grew into an icon and became ingrained in the DNA of Texas. Home to Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee it also featured many other acts in its heyday from Loretta Lynn to Waylon Jennings and many more. Soon Hollywood took notice and Paramount came knocking to film the Urban Cowboy Movie featuring John Travolta and Debra Winger. The biggest little joint in Pasa-get-down-dena became an overnight sensation and folks from all over the country were boot scootin’ their way inside. There were nightly concerts and dancin’, bull ridin’ and pool playin’, and of course Gilley’s Beer and Gilley’s Chili were on the menu.

Mickey & Vivian Gilley Wild Bull Chili Gilley's Beer

The Gilley’s Wild Bull Chili was served nightly and it paired well with an ice cold Gilley’s beer. In the summertime Gilley’s hosted an annual chili cook-off. It became quite the affair. It was then packaged so that cowpokes could grab the seasoning to go and make it themselves at home.

I grew up Gilley’s. I also grew up with Wild Bull Chili, although not Gilley’s beer, that didn’t come until later. I worked for Mickey after college, eventually becoming his business manager. A few years ago I started the Gilley’s Food & Beverage company. Naturally my first order of business was bringing the Gilley’s Wild Bull Chili Seasoning Mix to market. I then partnered with a Houston area craft brewery to launch Gilley’s Texas Blonde Ale. Ever since I’ve been adding items to the Gilley’s Foods line to continue Mickey’s legacy. My focus has been on beer, bar b q and chili because those are the things I love.

Jeffrey McDonald Gilley's Popup

We have a love for great tasting food and we surround ourselves with great friends, family and music. Welcome y'all, from our table to yours.

Jeffrey McDonald

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