The Gilley's Chili Story

Our story began with our Texas chili seasoning mix. Riding the bull at Gilley's can work up a hunger, so Mickey served up his special Wild Bull Chili for all them hungry cowboys. Now y'all can make Mickey Gilley's Wild Bull Chili at home with Mickey's seasoning mix and just a few ingredients. The chili was served nightly at Gilley's and now you can buy it and serve it up however you like.

Over the years we've added seasonings to our line and we even brought the Gilley's beer back. We can't sell the beer online but we have plenty of merchandise to represent it. So check out or store and thanks for stopping by.

Gilley's marinades and seasonings!

Honkytonk BBQ Rubs

Honkytonk BBQ Rubs

Check out our Texas dry rubs perfect for briskets, ribs, or pork.